How social media helps filmmakers

We know different types of social media or online communities. All of them have lots of type to use, but do we actually use the social media effectively? What should I use If I am into film making?

For film makers they are several choices of social media or online communities. One of them is Cahootify. It is quite new online project which were launched on July 2013. The logo of Cahootify is so futuristic and the style of the website looks really professional. It is like a video galery. Just because it is a new online platform people do not know about it which is shame because I can see that these people take this project really serious and they are working on future plans for the Cahootify which are for example Share the management of a company profile, Organise and categorise your list of saved profiles and many others.

I would say that the Cahootify is categorised more as online community rather than social media, it’s a platform where people expect  you to be active. It is also about building your film community, and production.

cahootify 1.png

It is really helpful if you do not have budget but you have an idea for video or movie. You can find people to help you to accomplish your idea. If you are less creative person but more technical you can find opportunity to find someone who is looking for someone like you. You can build your portfolio and actually means something (build career)  in the film makers community. You can choose who do you want to work with. Cahootify allows you to see list of people with their skills. It is really good for director, cameraman or anyone who is passionate and engage to film making.

You could say that the Cahootify is similar to Linkedin but that is not true. Linkedin involves all sort of communities it helps you discover professional opportunities business deals and also it allows you promote yourself so people could find you. So for film making community Linkedin is not Ideal, most of the Linkedin user are managers, consultants, and specialists from different sectors.

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube allows you more than the online communities. Twitter is really helpful for the film-maker to find people with similar or the same hobbies by hashtag. Hashtag is part of the folksonomy. It was invented by users, but adopting by Twitter. It is extremely important to find the right hashtag. With the right hashtags you find good projects or really skilled people for your project. You can find lots of new information about  film-making which you find useful and make your film-making career easier.


Other film makers can discuss their vision about certain projects or they can check each other through’ their social media. Thanks to Facebook or twitter we are able to see what other people like to watch or do, and that is really helpful. Imagine that you have an idea about a short horror movie. You are most likely to be looking for people who like horror or thriller more than people who like comedy. It is major advantage about the social media that you can find the person’s interest through their profile.


If you want to see people’s engagement to your movies or your company create the Facebook page rather than Facebook profile. Create one Facebook page for your movie and one for you as a professional film-maker.  With the Facebook page you are able to see all of the statistics. It calls insight fb and it is one of the features of the Facebook page.

film-makers should engage by subscribing or following other film-makers or joining Facebook groups. You cannot afford to not update on Facebook pages otherwise you become invisible. So let people know what do you do, to get a bigger opportunity to find the right people for your project or the right people will find you. For example Facebook helps one of the Slovak actor. She have had her own Facebook page where she upload videos every week. After some time people from television get in touch with her and now she has her own sitcom on telly.


Youtube is my favourite platform. I think that people who are interested in making movies should be on Youtube and posting videos. It is a perfect way to show people your work also to find other people who are worth to collaborating. One of the most successful moviemakers on youtube is CaseyNeistat he has more than 1.6 million subscribers and Youtube became his job.


People think that all you can do on youtube is watching or uploading videos. NOT TRUE. It is a perfect platform to get to know people through their videos and also to get in touch with them. There is an option to message other people and mostly everyone has links to their other social media. To create Youtube channel is really easy. You have to have google+ account because Youtube and Google are connected. Google+ name does not have to match with the youtube channel you are creating. After these formalities you need to think about the design of the channel. Channel icon is basically your profile picture and channel art is the cover picture. If you want to look like a professional than use more of the cool and masculine colours. After creating youtube channel, unfortunately you still do not own the URL address. You can get the URL address after hitting 500 subscribers which is sad to me.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 14.22.1651P+CFFdtAL._SY300_

 That is a brilliant example how we can connect other social media. The proof of power of Youtube is Joe Sugg (Brother of other prominent youtuber Zoella) and Casper Lee they had their first red carpet and premier of their own movie Joe and Caspar hit the road. Both of them used these platform and become relevant in filmmaking community. They have had their own audience before their movie and both of them were making videos so Joe and Caspar belong to filmmaking community long time ago ,but it is different to just make videos on youtube and made an actual movie. They actually transform from “just” youtube filmmakers to professional filmmakers. This is an good example of using the platform but we have to be really careful because not everybody are using Youtube or other social media in a positive way. Sam Pepper ruined his career because of Youtube. He posted really inappropriate videos and people from filmmaking community stop collaborate with him.


Instagram is one of the many tools to use for visualisation. In my opinion Instagram is useful for film-makers if they are looking for actors. Let’s be clear. Instagram is basically social network to promote yourself or show your lifestyle to the world. If you are clever and you use the right tags you could be really successful on it. You can become next Instagram Celeb.  The film-makers can use it to put you in their videos so the person from Instagram will have publicity and also the film-maker will promote the video or movie. Or they can find random person on it and make the star from the person. That is the other way.

All of the people interested in film-making are able to give you the feedback through Social media or online communities. It’s always good to have different points of view and all of these platform is giving you opportunity for the feedbacks, or to show your engagement into film-making.

Use all of these platform effectively. Share your ideas and engagement everywhere because you never know where are the right people or the perfect project for you.


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People who know me the best know that I am quite organized person but I cannot have schedule. I do not want to do things because I have to do it but because I want to do it and schedule make me feel like I have to do it. Apparently it is good for the blogger to have schedule so I am gonna give it a try.

As you can see December is all about Christmas. Christmas blog which is already publish.  Instagram pics are in a winter mood.


I am looking forward for January. I am starting my 60 days challenge. I am gonna wake up at 6 o’clock every day for 60 days. I will run, eat healthy and doing exercise no gym. NO SMOKING! I want to prove myself that I can do it even with no money spent on a gym and also to you that you do not have to go to gym to live healthier.

After the 60 days challenge expect blog in form of pictures. Where I can show you all the changes I went through.

Have a nice Christmas 😉


Christmas in Slovakia



The first Christmas holiday is Christmas Eve -24th December also know as a Generous Day in Slovakia. The reason is we get all the presents on that evening. After THE dinner. On the 24th of December people should be fasting all day till dinner is ready. 11081426-make-your-home-this-stunning-at-christmas

Dinner start with the cutting an apple crosswise. If we get star we are going to be healthy all year long.jablko

Than everyone has a thin wafer with honey.


The next course is sauerkraut with mushrooms and sausage.  And the main thing is fresh water local carp fish. It is usually bought alive two or three days before Christmas. The carp is served with potato salad with mayo. However we do not like to kill fish on a Cristmas so we usually buy salmon. Sorry traditions:D

After dinner we get presents from “Ježiško” aka baby Jesus.

Christmas market is very popular. The best one is in my town KOSICE of course it is. You can get mulled vine, or vine made from honey called “medovina” You can also see the life size wood nativity scene.

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But remember Christmas is not so much about opening presents but about opening your heart!




Last week, people from Google came to my Uni to talk to us, about how should our web side looks like. It was a good talk for elderly people who does not have so much experience with online content.

So there was a lady she was so energetic and lovely. She was talking about all the rules  about what the web sides should look like. What is good and what is wrong.  She describe her or better say Googles’ top 10 tips for building a successful site. Especially sites where you are able to buy something. google-76522_640

TBH those 10 tips are like so well know tips that I fined it pointless to even bother. Of course we like simple content and easy to digest. We live in a very fast period of time and we have no time to read plenty of written text. Clear navigation. Basically create a great logo have a simple content, less clicks is better for your business and just make a big fat visible button BUY NOW! and of course pictures and photos are everything but we all have a good phones or cameras so that is also pointless.



I think it was a good session but for the wrong people. I think that my generation is more familiar about the Online content and we know what we like on a web sides and what we do not like.  This type of “sitting” should be for elderly people who are interested in online content, and Google should bring something more difficult and more interesting maybe  more shocking facts and tricks.

JUST TO CLARIFY THIS WAS MY SUBJECTIVE POINT OF VIEW! Thank you for your understanding 😉

One of the night SR

It’s Friday finally!! This sentence we can heart from students and it doesn’t matter whether they are from China or Russia. Some things are everywhere the same. However the way of spending the night might be little bit different.

Night out in Slovakia. Just to clarify At the time I was already 18. Well I hope that I was 😀


I thought that nights out are everywhere the same but moving to England opened my eyes.  We are not really worried about money coz according to England drinks are so cheap. However if we are in a situation that have no money we just meet with the friends and we count together how much money do we have in total and we buy a bottle of something (you know what I mean;) ) after that if we have a good time we are going to club to dance.ibiza-480x240

We are there approximately till 5 or 6 am and than we are going home. We stopped to get something to eat some kind of breakfast. Most of the time we buy one slice of pizza Borsalino which cost one euro because we have no more money and trying to persuade our parents that we were playing games all night in a classmate house. Of course that his parents were home! 😀  pizza_poprad2013n268

This was one of my night out In Slovakia. If you are wondering where to go out in Manchester and support my friend Mia 😉


Man is made up of millions of small particles. These particles are our feelings, decisions, mistakes.jakult3
There is no person who does only good decisions or responds adequately to every situation. Once at the bus stop I was talking with a classmate, and we started to deal with the past. We came to the question: If we could change one thing, decision or something from the past, what would it be. My initial reaction was, how cool would it be if we had such a capability.

If someone would ask me that question now, my reaction would be probably a little bit different. I would not change either one thing or the decision. Why should I ?!

It is Not because I am happy with all the decisions, things that I’ve DSC_0056said or done. If a single thing has changed in my past, I would not be the man how I am now. Maybe I would be better and perhaps worse. The important thing is that I am happy who I am right now.

As my favourite philosopher John Locke said, everyone is at the beginning as a pure board (Tabula rasa). Older people are more experienced and wiser. However it doesn’t guarantee that older people will make only a good decisions. NOT AT ALL. More experienced people tend to accept decision They have made. We must learn to live with our decisions, and take them as I it was the best decision at the moment!